Dear Friend (Hands Pt​.​2)

from by Furtive Forest



Dear friend, why do we stand behind maturity,
when we still seek those childhood dreams,
naive and openhearted we don’t wonna
admit for what this story we've started.

Dear friend, building walls around us in shape of conversations,
gestures and proud expressions just to give yourself more credit
for being out of vulnerable tracks and endings.

Like a crumbling stone, do we go to pieces.
Never show(and i repeat) compassion just self interest,

Will i see those reaching hands, stop counting nights with your name,
conclusions that were drawn from the past still show tensity and demur.

It’s not that hard to read, if molded and in patterns formed by others you want to live.

For society and surrounding faces, I might be loosing my mind,
no need for prescriptions we are doctors of us.
For society and surrounding faces, I might be over the edge,
in humble opinions will come respect.


from Monologue​/​/​Dialogue, released October 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Furtive Forest Novi Sad, Serbia


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